Thursday, August 21, 2008

Smart Bro | DNS Problem | Fix

I got a lot of questions from friends and strangers the past few days about Smart Bro not able to connect to a lot of website or takes a long time to lookup up a Domain, since the their DNS is setup by retarded blind monkeys I suggest not to use it and don't bother calling their tech support either they can't help you, most of them or all of them lack training and basic technical knowledge, read my review of Smart Bro anyway to fix the problem you need to change the DNS on your computer or Router, you will need setup static DNS, so follow my post on how to change your DNS to OpenDNS for Linux and Windows users.

BTW Smart Bro Router resets everyday at 12AM in my area, this is their solution to whatever problem their having, to recycle the router everyday - I think their getting paid too much to not do their job.

I can't wait for my contract to be over.

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