Sunday, August 10, 2008

iPod charging on DVD player w/o dock

I got curious today when I discover that my cheap(P1,200 about $30) China made DVD player came with a USB port a feature for playing videos from USB thumb drives, since my iPod touch's battery is almost used up, I decided to get the cable and plug it into the USB port of the DVD player to see if I can charge it from there, I was surprise that the DVD player was able to charge my iPod touch till the battery is full without problem.

I also discovered that it only works if I have a disc inside the DVD player, and as long as the disc is inside and the player is turned on it will keep on charging, but if I try to plug the iPod into the DVD player's USB port without a disc inside the player will cause the iPod's screen to flicker as it attempt to detect it, basically it won't work unless there is a disc inside the player.

Pictures of my iPod Touch plugged in to the DVD player while charging.

Maybe my cheap DVD player isn't so pathetic after all :0

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