Friday, August 22, 2008

FiX | COM Surrogate Error | Windows Vista

I recently installed Windows Vista, its was working fine for few week, until one day I was browsing through some of my media file and I got this error "COM Surrogate has stopped working", I though at first maybe I just need to reboot my machine, so I did but every time I open the folder where my media files are on I get the same error, I even tried scanning my Windows for virus and spyware and found nothing, anyway I was only able to fix the problem when I searched Google and found the solution apparently a lot of people had the same problem.

Here is the solution that I use

Step 1 - Go to Control Panel > System > Advance System Settings
Step 2 - Click on Settings > Select "Turn On DEP"
Step 3 - Click Add, browse to c:\windows\system32\dllhost.exe
Step 4 - Then Ok

The COM surrogate error should go away now, Nero is the one causing the problem on my Windows Vista.


I found the solution at How to Geek

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Anonymous said...

I am at my wit’s end. Perhaps somebody out there can help me.
I purchased a new laptop last Xmas to replace my old one and now I cannot access the internet through the network connection to my host PC (my second computer). This has never been a problem before as I have been accessing the internet this way for five years. My new Acer has a built-in network card and is also using Windows Vista. These are the only two significant changes that I can think of between my old and new laptops.
The problem I’m having is that someone in my condo building who lives about 50 yards away also has a network that continually overpowers my own network. The problem has been intermittent up to now but lately it takes over for days at a time. Here’s what I’ve done to troubleshoot so far.
- I have continually attempted to disconnect from this person’s network in the “Connect to a Network” section of the Network and Sharing Centre but it’s useless. No sooner do I disconnect it when my network connection immediately seeks it out and re-connects to this network.
- I have attempted to remove this person’s network from my network list in the “Network and Sharing Centre” / Manage Wireless Networks section but the moment I delete it, whoops! There it is again within three seconds.
- My own Network appears in the “Network Sharing Centre” list but when I click on to the “Connect to a Network” List, my network is the only one that does not appear in the list of networks so I cannot even attempt a connection to my own network. Every other network within a square mile is listed here but not mine.
- The Windows Network Diagnostic (WND) is no help either. It assumes everything is A-OK because I’m connected to a network. It’s just the wrong network and as noted before, my network doesn’t even come up in the Network list.
- I’ve also tried to cripple this other network by adjusting it’s properties in the Network Sharing Centre. I’ve taken off the “Connect automatically”option on this network but the changes just don’t take on this rogue network. It’s the network that will not die !!!!!
The most irritating facet of all this is that the problem is sporadic. Connection works fine some days and then it’s gone for a few days. I don’t think it’s the router or the host because if that were the case, then it just plain would never connect, not just occasionally have problems.
If anyone can contribute anything, I’d be mighty grateful.

Genius24k said...


I would suggest you try to upgrade the firmware of your wireless router most of the time firmware upgrade of a router will fix issues(specially if your using linksys), or borrow a wireless router from a friend and connect your network using the borrowed router(this will confirm that the defect is in your wirless router not your computer, hope this help.

Anonymous said...

The divx codecs is the problem it’s not read by vista

1. Just uninstall divx
2. uninstall and all codecs.

t===he divx codec in the divx package corrupts the codecs and vista can’t read it after corrupting it==

3. reinstall codecs but not the one from divx.

!!!!!but don’t use an divx codecs!!!!!

just install the divx PLAYER Only!
====Don’t install the divx codec when installing divx player ==

NO divx codec the problem is the divx codec not compatible or conflicting with windows vista. i wouldnt recommend going to system as changing settings it is dangerous

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