Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bypass Firewall | Proxy with SSH | Hamachi

Here is a quick tip for bypassing proxy and firewall :) using SSH, or you can use it for securing unsecured connection by creating a secured tunnel using SSH port forwarding this tip is for Windows user, for Linux user Ill write one in the future or do it properly using Stunnel.

Some proxy or firewall are configured to not allow outgoing SSH traffic thats is where Hamachi comes in, see near the bottom of this post for Hamachi how to, if you have that problem.

Now what you need for this

Unix/Linux server that has access to the internet that you can connect to

Step 1 - Run Putty
Step 2 - Click on Connection > SSH > Tunnel in the sidebar
Step 3 - Check "Dynamic" and type 10000 on "Source Port" then click add, you should see D10000 in the Forwarded Port box.
Step 4 - Click on session on the sidebar
Step 5 - Type the IP address or hostname of the Unix/Linux host in the hostname field, make sure port 22 the value of port box, and ssh is checked, type a name in Saved Session then clicked save.
Step 6 - Click open to connect to your host, login to the host
Step 7 - Once logged in open your browser(Firefox), click on Tools > Option > Adavance >Settings > check Manual proxy configuration - then type on HTTP Proxy and 10000 on Port, then select "use this proxy for all protocols", click ok then your done.

To check if port 10000 is listening on your computer, goto command prompt then type "netstat -a" look for " LISTENING"

Now if outgoing SSH traffic is not allowed you can try doing the instruction above plus with the help of Hamachi click here for the guide to get your SSH connection through.

Thats it.

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aks said...

i did not understand step 5 and 6.
also can this be used to bypass fortinet filtering?

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