Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bandwidth Monitoring | Free software

tech Blog Bandwidth MonitoringThere are now number of ISP’s all over the world disconnecting customers for using “too much” bandwidth, or putting bandwidth cap and charge extra money if you went over the cap, so knowing exactly how much you’ve downloaded or uploaded in a month can be very helpful, and prevent you from going over your allocated bandwidth.

To monitor your bandwidth on your computer you will need to install AnalogX Netstat Live a free bandwidth monitoring tool which you can download here, once you have downloaded Netstat Live you will need to install it, the installation is pretty straight forward, once installed, right-click anywhere in the Analog X Netstat Live window. Select Configure, then enable feature such as auto start, auto minimize and close minimizes, by enabling these features, Netstat Live will launch each time Windows starts up, but automatically minimize to your System Tray. Also, if you open it from the tray you can click the X button and it won’t actually close Netstat Live, rather it will be minimized back to your System Tray. Netstat Live must always be running, otherwise your uploads and downloads won’t be accurately tracked. Now you can track your Internet bandwidth (upload and downloads) usage. The current monthly total is displayed, along with the previous monthly total.

As you can see on the Outgoing and Incoming for the month are being show making tracking bandwidth easier.

If your using Linux I suggest downloading bandwidthd to track your bandwidthd. get it here

If you have multiple computer in your network you will need to install Netstat Live to each one of them.

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