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9 Easy Steps | Setup secured home wireless network

This is a guide on how to setup a secured wireless network in your home, this how to will cover routers, wep encryption, mac filtering and computer configuration, this tutorial assumes that all equip,emt are new and configuration is set to default factory settings, now lets begin

Note: this is written using Linksys WRT54G, but this will work on any wireless capable router

What you need:
  • - Wireless Capable Router - an example of this is Linksys WRT54G
  • - USB Wireless adaptor / dongle if your Laptop or Desktop is not yet wirelss capable.
  • - Internet Subscription - if you want to connect to the internet

Now lets connect the stuff together, if you don't have Internet connection ignore Step 1
Step 1 - Connect your DSL Modem(ISP provided) modem to your wireless router's WAN port at the back of the wireless router
Step 2 - Enable USB on your computer, or Connect the USB wireless adaptor and install the drivers for it to your computer
Step 3 - Once connected you should see an icon on the bottom right corner of your screen like to computers and a circle on it
Step 4 - This means your already connected to the internet and your network using wireless connection, now we want to secure the router so that nobody else can access it except for you and your authorize users, open up your web browser Firefox or Internet Explorer whichever you have, then type in this is assuming you have the Linksys Router above, if not you can go to Start > Run > type cmd > then type ipconfig, Pay attention to IP Address whatever your IP Address is copy the first 3 and replace the last 3 digit with 1 i.e change it to
Step 5 - Once you have typed in the IP Address of your wireless router and hit enter, you will prompted for your password the password differs from brand refer to your manual - for Linksys routers the default is admin for username and admin password.
Step 6 - Select the wireless tab then select wirless security or encryption, Select WEP/WPA or WPA2 from the drop down box and select either 40-bit or 128-bit. the 40-bit keys contain 10 hexadecimal digits; the 128-bit keys contain 26 hexadecimal digits, enter the password, remember this as this will be the password if you want a computer to connect to your wireless network, remember to save your work.
Step 7 - Now that we have the Wireless network secured, we want to secure the wireless router itself, we go to Administration > then management you can change the password here, I would also suggest checking https and unchecking http, https is encrypted and prevent anyone sniffing your network seeing your password when you log into the router, now save then your done.
Step 8 - Now we disconnect and test if we can connect to our wireless network with our password, if you successfully connect your done, if not make sure you types the right password.
Step 9 - If you want to step up your wireless security a bit more you can go to Wireless > Wireless MAC Filter > Select Enable > Select Permit > then click EDIT MAC FILTER LIST > You can ADD your computers MAC Addresses here, basically you will only allow computer with the MAC address listed to connect.

To find out what is your computer's mac address Goto Start > Run > type cmd > Type ipconfig /all Pay Attention to "Physical Address" enter that minus the dash "-" symbol like so 001AA05812CB, save then your done.

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Skippyjr said...

my Linksys router changes from my pick (WEP/WPA, etc) back to "Disabled" every time I try to secure my system. is there a trick to fix this?

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