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10 Steps | Remove Virus | Spyware Scanner Download | Free Software

Updated February 28, 2010

This is an easy to follow 10 step howto on removing virus and spyware from your computer using free software

If your computer keeps on rebooting do the following first
  • Continuously press f8 during boot up then select safe mode
  • Once your in safe mode goto start > run > type msconfig > click on start up > unchecked everything click apply then reboot.

Tools we're going to use, you need to download the following:
- Sysclean from Trendmicro Sysclean is a standalone virus scanner.
- Latest Definition file for Sysclean its the updated virus pattern/definition file from Trendmicro.
- Adaware -a free spyware/malware scanner. get it at
If you can't find the free Adaware or it doesn't work for you, Spybot search and destroy is a good alternative
you can get it at
- Avast - a good free antivirus software, get it at

Now that you have downloaded everything, lets proceed to step 1

Step 1 - Extract the latest Trendmicro Pattern file on the same folder were is located
Step 2 - Install Adaware and run update
Step 3 - Restart/Reboot your computer, then continously press F8 then select safe mode
Step 4 - Once in safe mode, run then click on scan to do a full virus scan, you should see it extracting in a dos window, some people reported error running sysclean as it is looking for a missing dll file, you can ignore the error and run it by disabling scanning for spyware.
Step 5 - Start up Adaware then click scan select "Smart scan"
Step 6 - Wait for both to finish, delete whatever Adaware find, Sysclean will almost always delete the stuff(virus, malware) it find.
Step 7 - Restart your PC once your virus adware spyware scanning is done
Step 8 - Install, register and update Avast antivirus for home user its free, to prevent future infection
Step 9 - Do a full virus scan using Avast antivirus
Step 10 - Once done scanning with Avast antivirus reboot/restart for the last time, then your done.

As an alternative to Avast you can also use Microsoft Security Essential its also free you can get it here.

I suggest you install additional protection for your computer check my recommendation
List of Free windows security tools that you can download and use

I suggest installing one of each, firewall, antispyware, antivirus, their all free.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip, genius.

i hope you can still post more tech tips in your blog which, i am sure, can help a lot of computer idiots like me.

Anonymous said...

does this really work.

Genius24k said...

Yes it does and works very well for any kind of infection you have, as long as you have the blatest definition and follow the procedure.

Anonymous said...

i don't think avast could kill this c9hehpa.bat in my system i was using a symantech for my anti virus but it doesn't kill it anyway the said virus were only put in a quarantine area any idea on how to solved my problem?

Genius24k said...

I suggest use, sysclean as instructed on the HOWTO, but run it on safemode.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if anyone has run into a problem with the sysclean download? I am working with my brother(long distance) who has the netsky virus/trojan and we have run into a problem when trying to execute(run) sysclean(step 4) while doing this it indicates that some files are missing. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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