Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Smart Bro - DSL Review

Review of Smart Bro Plan 999
, honestly Smart Bro isn't that bad not as bad as some of the complaints regarding downtime that I found on the net, so far I have been using it since march and have experience around 48 hours of accumulated downtime about 5 to6 hours a day and I also found out their technical support are no help during downtime, they are poorly trained and lacks basic technical knowledge or understanding of network concept and protocols, anyway if you just want to have a faster Internet connection than dial up and your just planning to use your Internet connection for e-mail, surfing the net, instant messaging, irc, or other non-vital or critical stuff such as income related activities Smart Bro is good enough, but if your planning to use it to host an ftp, web, or a jump server to be access from the Internet, forget about Smart Bro as it doesn't assign you a public IP nor allow you to purchase one, so you won't be able to get to your server without help of a third party VPN provider such as "Hamachi", if your planning to use it for torrent download take note that you wouldn't be able to upload files through torrent as leechers won't be able to see your opened port from the net due to the port not being forwarded from Smarts firewall/router, if you plan to use it for work income related activities, you better get another DSL provider for backup or load balancing because once Smart Bro goes down it will take at least 5 to 6 hours for them to restore your connection, overall I would recommend Smart Bro to casual/basic Internet users.


  • Cheap
  • Ok Up time for cheap dsl
  • Fast installation (1 day after payment)


  • 1 year contract upon installation
  • Incompetent technical support
  • 5 to 6 hours minimum downtime(when it does goes down)
  • NAT'ed IP
  • No option to purchased public IP
  • Poor connection during heavy rains


Roy Sencio said...

Hmmm.. the cons you listed outnumber and outweight the pros... yet you believe it is a bearable service?

Its good to see that you have fewer problems with them, it may be that they have started to improve their service.. however to the benefit of your readers, I would like to share my smart bro story

Genius24k said...

Yes I believe its a bearable service, as long as your business or livelihood is not depended on it.

Anonymous said...

technical support is always misunderstood. the people behind the connection speed are the one that should be blamed. they will give your account a 2 month sure speed internet then afterwards, lowers it so they can give it to another subscribers then the same story goes. all providers do that to earn more. the guys behind the tech support dont even know this yet they are the one that always have the customers complain or shock absorbers. poor people.

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