Thursday, July 31, 2008

Openoffice Calc Quick Tip - Shrink Worksheet for Printing

To quickly scale down an entire worksheet in Openoffice Calc, to fit on one page when you print it you will need to go to

  • File > Page Preview > then click Format Page change the "Scaling Factor" value on the lower right corner.
Screen shot, "Scaling Factor" is on the lower right corner of "Format Page Window"

Ipod Touch 32gb review - after 60 days

I bought my first Apple Ipod 60 days ago at Megamall Cyberzone for P23,000, its an Apple Ipod touch 32gb after 60days of daily use, from surfing the net, e-mails, listening to music and watching entire season of The Big Bang Theory, 5 season of Family Guy, 10 season of Friends, and 1 season of Pushing Daisies, I still love it, the screen is still perfect, but the back of the case is a bit scratch up, as well as the side, I'm also surprise how durable and solid the thing feels, I have dropped it couple of times on its side and face it didn't break(it nearly gave me an heart attack though), anyway I love the 3.5-inch widescreen Multi-Touch display I think this is one of the reason why I bought an Apple Ipod Touch, I'm also happy that the battery can last 14 hours of continous playing(mp3) and around 6 to 8 hours for video, I have also installed bunch of third party applications some of my favorites are MxTube, Fring, Remote Note, Terminal, Pocket touch see complete list and description below, thanks to Ziphone - a tool that even a caveman can use! I was able to jailbreak my Apple Ipod Touch currently I'm still on 1.1.4, I don't see the point of upgrading 2.0 with Apple Ipod Touch, now for some of the things I hate about my Apple Ipod Touch 32gb I hate the earphones that comes with my Ipod its sounds really bad so I bought a pair of Isolator Earphones from Etymotic for P8,000 to replace the Apple Ipod earphones, I also hate Itunes its slow and the UI is not user friendly even quite confusing but once you get used to it, it does the jobs, I also hate the idea of not beeing able to use Apple Ipod touch as an external HD, and not able to transfer music, files and video, pictures without iTunes, with that said I still love my Ipod Touch from the first day I bought it.

BTW I had to get an iTunes account to automatically get some of the covers for my albums for my cover flow, makes life easier , although more than 60% of my album covers came from

Back and Front of my Iphone with the Etymotic Isolator Earphones as you can see back case is a bit scratched

Content of my Ipod Touch

  • Songs 2533
  • Videos 161
  • Photos 448

Third Party Application Installed

  • Shuffle - Instinctive Shuffle - IMHO I'm not sure if this really work
  • WifiToggle - One touch wifi on/off
  • TuneWiki - Gets lyrics for your music when connected to the internet
  • Mobiles Scrobbler - internet radio and music streaming
  • Pocket Touch - I love how you can play random music by shaking it.
  • PDF Viewer - PDF Viewer haven't tried using it
  • Tipper - Split tips and taxes
  • Books - Bible(KJV)
  • weDict - Thesaurus and Dictionary
  • RealArtist - Fun photo altering software
  • RemoteNote - Lets you edit note from your browser, it like a mini webserver for your notes.
  • Periodic Table - Just looks cool
  • MxTube - Lets you download YouTube videos and play it offline
  • Terminal - Let you access your Ipod OS(Darwin) command line, also allows me to SSH to my servers
  • VNsea - VNC client
  • Mobile Twitter - Twitter
  • Fring - I use it to conenct to Yahoo Messenger and MSN

  • Tris - Tetris like game
  • Lexitron - Texttwist like game
  • Gemlogic - Bejeweled like game
  • iDope - Dope wars like game
  • Towers of Hanoi
  • Pool - Pool game
  • TTR - Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution like games, use your song to play.

Total Cost of my IPOD touch 32gb with Isolator Earplugs and Leather Case - P32000

If you want to Jailbreak your Ipod touch or Iphone that has 1.1.4 firmware go to

If you have 2.0 firmware you can try winpwn try get it here

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Top 5 YouTube Videos

Just a collection of video I find very entertaining in no particular order, some of them are quite old, anyway here they are

100 vs 1: Japanese Prank

Korean drummer takes the show

Japanese learning english - another Funny Japanese Game Show

She's Gonna Kick Your Ass - Very cute

The Ladies Man

Thats it!

Smart Bro - DSL Review

Review of Smart Bro Plan 999
, honestly Smart Bro isn't that bad not as bad as some of the complaints regarding downtime that I found on the net, so far I have been using it since march and have experience around 48 hours of accumulated downtime about 5 to6 hours a day and I also found out their technical support are no help during downtime, they are poorly trained and lacks basic technical knowledge or understanding of network concept and protocols, anyway if you just want to have a faster Internet connection than dial up and your just planning to use your Internet connection for e-mail, surfing the net, instant messaging, irc, or other non-vital or critical stuff such as income related activities Smart Bro is good enough, but if your planning to use it to host an ftp, web, or a jump server to be access from the Internet, forget about Smart Bro as it doesn't assign you a public IP nor allow you to purchase one, so you won't be able to get to your server without help of a third party VPN provider such as "Hamachi", if your planning to use it for torrent download take note that you wouldn't be able to upload files through torrent as leechers won't be able to see your opened port from the net due to the port not being forwarded from Smarts firewall/router, if you plan to use it for work income related activities, you better get another DSL provider for backup or load balancing because once Smart Bro goes down it will take at least 5 to 6 hours for them to restore your connection, overall I would recommend Smart Bro to casual/basic Internet users.


  • Cheap
  • Ok Up time for cheap dsl
  • Fast installation (1 day after payment)


  • 1 year contract upon installation
  • Incompetent technical support
  • 5 to 6 hours minimum downtime(when it does goes down)
  • NAT'ed IP
  • No option to purchased public IP
  • Poor connection during heavy rains
For suggestion and concerns E-mail