Monday, November 14, 2005

Internet Explorer | Toolbars Galore

Today I Got the urge to install Windows XP so I fired up VMware on my Linux laptop, and installed Windows XP on it, which took an hour or so to install, anyway after that I got curious on how many search bar I could fit on the IE browser, so I Google "search bar" | Toolbar and installed all the ones I can find. managed to install 14 search bar on my IE, leaving me browsing space that can only fit the MSN logo on, this is why I don't hate Windows, you can't do this kind of crap on Linux its just not as fun, may be tomorrow I could try to install spy ware on it.

Here are some of the "search bar" I can remember installing

1. Google toolbar
2. Yahoo toolbar
3. MSN toolbar
4. Advance search bar
5. Cnet search bar
6. MySearch search bar
7. Alexa search bar
8. Teoma search bar
9. Hotbar searchbar
10. Mywaysearch search bar
11. A9 search bar
12. Dogpile search bar
13. forgot this one-----
14. Cursor Comet side bar search

Screenshot of my Internet Explorer browser.

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